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09 August 2007 @ 10:38 pm
From now on I'll only be posting here: http://tracienewman.blogspot.com/

Current Location: casa
Current Mood: indifferentindifferent
Current Music: lost without you, by robin thicke
15 February 2007 @ 10:49 pm

please comment to be added. --> I probably will ♥
Current Location: loft
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: sugar, sex, & voodoo by jim tulip
18 January 2007 @ 11:36 pm
here's a little introduction for you

College Plans: finish out ucsb
Birthday: june 27
Horoscope Sign: cancer
Parents: Id rather not
Best Friends: whit, pizz, abbie, kenners, james, meyer, gianfranco, drea
Marital Status: dating
Pets: my parakeet, kahlua
Hair Color: brunette
Eye Color: gray
Piercings: ears and cartilage
Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?: ambidextrous
Background: irish, british, french

Best Girl Friend: whitzo
Best Guy Friend: peezy
Where can you usually be found?: studio
Who would you be with?: flow of artists, managers, and engineers
Are you the center of attention?: at times
What's your idea of a dream date?: the guy is the important part
Are you timely or always late?: fashionably late
Where's the best hangout?: depends
Do you like being around people or being alone?: people
Whats your biggest turn off in the opposite sex?: clinginess

Have you known the longest?: Ive known abbie since 2nd grade
Do you argue the most with?: annique
Do you always get along with?: most everyone else
Is the most trustworthy?: all
Makes you laugh the most?: andrea
Has been there through all the hard times?: all
Always has a man/woman?: we're all either good players or very attached
Is the most sensitive?: abbie, no james
Biggest loser?: none of my friends!
Most unique?: andrea
Has the coolest house?: all our houses are pretty amazing
Has the coolest car?: i love my car, kennedy's is great too. we all have fun cars
Is the most encouraging?: abbie
Is the most blunt?: patrick
Is the shyest?: none
Is the most outgoing?: we're all pretty outgoing
Is the most rebellious? kennedy
Is the horniest?: ken  and peezy
Is the most perfect?: all of us!
Is the laziest?: none
Is the most optimistic? brandi
Is the most conservative?: umm don't know
Is most likely to become famous?: andrea and whitty
Is most likely to become rich?: hmm definitely abbie
Is most likely to end up in jail?: i think we've all been there
Is most likely to have a million kids?: brandi
Is most likely never to have kids?: annique
Will get a boob job?: paloma has one
Will get married first? patrick or bran
Will lose their virginity first?: we all have
Always wears a smile?: me and whitty
Is the smartest?: abbie
Complains the most?: whitty and me
Complains the least?: james
Is the biggest flirt?: all

Color: pink
Clothes: trues
Animal: bird
Book: don't try this at home by dave navarro
Food: not sure
Restaurant: nobu
TV show: none
TV star: dont know
Movie: wedding crashers
Movie star: cameron diaz
Song: today, by smashing pumpkins
Singer: perry farrell
Band: my brother's
Music Video: the ones me and whitty are in... and of course pizzy's band
Car: lexus hybrid suv
Hobby: i don't know where hobby ends and lifestyle begins
Sport: dance, swimming, surfing, snowboarding
Holiday: valentines day
Month: june
Season: summer
Flower: shell pink roses and daffodils
Girl's name: Allexa
Guy's name: Cian
Vacation: catalina island, rome, south of france
School Subject: studio recording, film/video
Teacher: recording and dance
Number: 22
Cartoon Character: bender from futurama
Sports team: trojans
Athlete: kelly slater
Game: not sure
Sport to Watch: dance, surfing
# of kids you want: 1 or 2
Candy: dark chocolate
Place: here
Outrageous Hair color: none thanks
Cologne/Perfume: chanel cristalle
Nail polish color: pinks
Gum: dentyne vanilla
Video game: guitar hero
Fast food place: ew
Alcoholic beverage: jack daniels, prosecco, chandon, and bellinis
Thing to say in a foreign language: anything in italian
Odd Make-out spot: at the office!
Lip Gloss flavor: vanilla
Shoes: uggs, jimmy choos
Thing to do when your bored: go shopping, mix music, go shopping mostly
Current Location: studio
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: dont matter, by akon